Murphy’s Law: Still Alive and Doing Just Fine.

February 7, 2008 at 1:40 am Leave a comment

It’s snowing. Again.

I don’t even live in an area that is particularly known for major amounts of snow, yet today we received a second major dumping; the first one happened last Friday. In total we’ve received over 60cm, or over 2 ft., of snow in the past week.

Not having anything else particularly irrelevant to share, I thought I would tell you about my weekend–well, a very small part of it.

As mentioned the first storm hit last Friday and continued for most of the day. I missed the snow while I lived in the States, as I lived in areas that received either very little, or no snow. Personally, I love a good snow fall; how the world, even in a city as large as Toronto, becomes quiet and private. Walking around during a snowfall everything feels comfortable and warm (yes, warm) and right. Last Friday’s storm was the biggest I had seen in years. It was great.

But, of course, snow fall also means snow shoveling. I don’t mind, really. It’s good exercise and it’s nice to be out in the crisp, cold air. I live in a house on a major thoroughfare, which means that I need to shovel my driveway, but the city sends little snowplows out to clear the sidewalk. That’s fine by me.

You never know when the city workers are going to make it out, though. There is quite a bit of foot traffic walking on my street, and so with a major storm such as we had last week (and today) the sidewalks become impassable. I always feel bad for the pedestrians, so sometimes even before the city workers come to clear the sidewalk I’ll go ahead and just shovel it, which–if I’m to be totally honest–is really stupid for a couple of reasons.

First, I live in the middle of the block. So unless everyone else shovels the sidewalks in front of their houses then it really doesn’t help the pedestrians much. Most people end up walking on the street because the snow on the sidewalks is too deep.

Secondly, when the little sidewalk plows finally do arrive, they usually end up knocking half the snow that has been piled up from my work and from the street plows, back onto the sidewalk, thereby making the sidewalk worse than before they showed up, which means that I have to go out and shovel the mess a second time.

So, last Friday I decided I wasn’t going to shovel the sidewalk. I’d let the city-workers do their job.

Saturday came and I mucked about, ran errands and did my thing. Checking every few hours to see if the sidewalk plow had been by yet. No, not yet.

Lunch time came and passed. Still no plow. I began to get itchy. Should I go shovel the sidewalk? No! I wouldn’t do it. I’m not going to give in. No one else on the block had shoveled their sidewalks yet. Not going to do it!

Late Afternoon. Still snow-covered sidewalks. I run a finger along the blade of the shovel before putting it away again. When are the city-workers going to clear our sidewalk?

Night time and still no sign of the snowplow. I decide that I’m going to sleep in the next day so that I don’t have to even think about the snow covered sidewalk.

The next day, Sunday, I get out of bed early just to look out the window, you know, to see the snow. The lovely piles of snow. Lots of snow. All of it covering the sidewalk. Stupid city-workers.

Lunch time and still no sidewalk relief. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I decide that after lunch I’m going to do it. I’m going to clear the damn sidewalk of all the damn snow that’s damn-well on it. Damn it.

I feel much better.

I go out and shovel. It was pretty light snow, so it didn’t take me very long; perhaps a half-hour or so. I feel good. I go back inside thinking what a great person I am to be so considerate of all the pedestrians on the street, even if they are still walking on the road because no one else on my block has bothered to shovel the snow. Stupid neighbours.

Five-minutes later the city sidewalk plow drives by.

I curse and mentally throw things at the sidewalk plow.

Stupid city-workers.


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