I’ve Tried Cocaine

March 27, 2008 at 1:16 am 1 comment

How’s that for a catchy title?

OK, I haven’t really tried coke, other than the cola kind, but I did have a dream about trying it. I can’t fathom why since I don’t think about cocaine, I have no interest in trying cocaine and I could care less about it. After this dream, though, I’m kinda curious. Should I try some cocaine?

I also dremnt about cream soda the past week. This I understand since I recently had a can of cream soda and it was very tasty. Since then I’ve had cream soda cravings, ergo the dream.

I also had a dream that I was in a subway train and it somehow sunk underwater. Things were going very badly for all involved when I woke up. Since then I’ve avoided the subway even though the Toronto subway doesn’t go over any water deep enough to sink in.


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  • 1. GµårÐïåñ  |  March 28, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Well speaking of weird dreams, I have had my share of them lately. The freaky part is when you wake up the dream is supposed to end, with me its like a damn TiVo and picks up exactly where it left off. My brain actually pauses it. Thank god as weird as they were, there weren’t nightmares. But you think my brain would do this when I am dreaming of my high school girlfriend or Swedish super models, but no, those I wake up, they are gone. poof. Oh well, its just like life to give you more of the bad stuff but not more of the good stuff.


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