Canadian Nationalism: CFL Vs. NFL

July 3, 2008 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

The National Football League is coming to Toronto. Well, it’s coming to Toronto via Buffalo, as the Buffalo Bills are playing something like eight-games at the Rogers Centre over the next five-years (I think).

I’m a little fuzzy on the details because I really don’t care about football in either it’s NFL or Canadian Football League versions. “What? They don’t wear skates or swing a bat? Pfffff…who cares.”

But, this situation does bring up some interesting questions and points:

  • What are the long term intentions of this move? Is this a test to see how a NFL team would do in Toronto? Is this the initial stages of a two-city team; the sharing of the Bills between Buffalo and Toronto?
  • Is it possible the Bills may eventually move to Toronto, a much larger market than Buffalo?
  • If the NFL gains a foothold in the Toronto market does it mean the end of the CFL? The CFL commissioner stated that, yes, if an NFL team became established in Toronto, this would mean the end of the Argos, and an end to CFL football.
  • Does this prove that Toronto really isn’t a Canadian city? Then again, what Canadian market would deny an NFL franchise at the expense of the CFL?

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