What Happened?

September 29, 2008 at 11:20 pm Leave a comment

Wow, it’s been over a week since I last posted.  Taking a break, though, was pretty nice.  Mostly, the break was more a fact that I just couldn’t come up with anything to post about, rather than a “Hey, I”m going to take a week off and not post anything” type of event.  I’d call it writers block, but in actuality it was more like the well was empty, rather than ‘something’ being in the way.  After having gone away for the weekend, though, I do feel a little more refreshed and have some creativity starting to fester in my cerebellum…or where ever it is that creativity stems from.

I have a few ideas brewing, so now all it takes is some time.  It may seem like I have time right now, since I’m writing this load of crap, but in reality I’m actually strapped for time.  This post is, let’s face it, not exactly the most difficult thing to produce.  I’m hoping to get something different posted either later tonight, or tommorow.  Even if it’s an even smellier piece of poopy.

I miss reading blogs, too, which, for the most part, I avoided last week as well.  I figured that if I wasn’t able to post anything then why should I give myself the pleasure of reading other peoples stuff?  Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, think good thoughts for Dog In Underpants.  His campaign with the Cirellean party isn’t going as well as he had hoped…


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Canadian Thoughts: I Don’t Get It… Canadian Elections: Dog In Underpants Miffed at Debate Snub

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