Canadian Mysteries Part 2: The Hole In The Ground

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This is a list of what I consider the most important events in the history of the Oak Island Treasure Pit.   (Plus a few of my own…er…editorials, meant in fun)

I won’t vouch for the authenticity of any of the points, but keep in mind that the more recent it took place, the more likely it is to have happened as reported. Much of the early information on the site should be questioned for its accuracy. Most of the objects found at the site are no longer available for study.

At the end I will include links to a few sites with more information.

(Graphic of the Treasure PIt. Found on The UnMuseum.)

Here are the facts:

1795 – Daniel McGinnis discovers a strange circular impression in the ground on Oak Island.

1795a – Over the next several days McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan dig at the site. Two feet under the surface they come across a layer of flagstones. They begin discussing how they are going to spend their millions.

1795b – At approximately the ten, twenty and thirty foot depths they run into layers of oak logs. At this point they were no longer able to continue and make plans to return at a later date.

1803 – After a long hiatus the treasure hunters return, and this time it’s personal. They form the Onslow company, and quickly make it back to the thirty-foot depth.  They continue to dig down to ninety feet, finding layers of logs every ten feet, as well as a layer of charcoal at forty feet, a layer of putty at fifty feet and a layer of coconut fiber at sixty feet.

1803a – At ninety feet one of the most mysterious items is found; an inscribed stone. It is generally agreed that the inscription reads, “Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are Buried”. An alternate reading of the inscription reads: “Buried Are Two Million Pounds. Feet Below Forty” Yoda is immediately suspected of involvement.

(Inscription found on the Stone Tablet. Found on The Active Mind )

1803b – At ninety feet water begins to seep into the pit, and within a day flooding occurs up to sixty feet. Efforts are made to drain the pit, but all fail. The project is abandoned. Much swearing occurs.

1804 – A parallel pit is dug in an attempt to bypass the flooded area. It is dug down to a depth of one-hundred feet. A tunnel is then excavated to connect the original shaft with the new pit. Water floods in again, and the new pit is abandoned. Much swearing occurs.

*People claim that a five-hundred foot booby-trap had been created that connected the Treasure Pit to nearby Pit’s Cove, which is where it is believed that the flood water is coming from.*

1849 – The Truro Company is formed. They dig down to eighty-six feet before flooding occurs. They decided to drill into the pit, to see what, if anything, might be located below.

1849a – At ninety-eight feet the drill goes through a layer of spruce, before going through four inches of oak and then twenty-two inches of what appears to be pieces of metal. It is believed that they drilled through chests of coins. Three small links from a chain were also found. A brawl erupts amongst the workers as each wants the treasure; many claimed they were the infamous missing links of evolution, which was very peculiar since Darwin hadn’t published his work on Natural Selection yet.

1850 – The Truro Company returns to dig a different parallel pit, and then a tunnel to join it to the Money Pit. Just as with the last effort the tunnel floods.

1861 – The Oak Island Association is formed. They dig into the original shaft down to eighty-eight feet. They then dig a second pit to the east in an attempt to intersect water coming in from the Cove. The new shaft is dug down to one-hundred and twenty feet without discovering a channel, thus the cause of the flooding remains a mystery.

1861a – They dig a third pit to the west of the Money Pit and again try to join the two by a tunnel. The pits begin flooding once again. This time bailing the pit appears to work and waters recede.

1861b – While bailing continues, the bottom of the pit falls approximately fifteen feet. Workers blame it on bad juju.

1893 – The Oak Island Treasure Company begins their search. After unsuccessfully trying to stop the flow of water,  they decide to drill into the pit for another sample.

1893a – At one-hundred and twenty-six feet wood and iron are struck. It is suspected that this is the same material that had been located at a higher level before the cave-in.

1893b – Between one-hundred and thirty feet and one-hundred and fifty-one feet blue clay is found. This is a putty-like substance that, it was though, was used as a watertight seal. Another putty layer is found between the one-hundred and sixty foot and one-hundred and seventy foot layer. Late one night several workers absconded with some of the putty. The next year Silly Putty was released to the public as a toy for children.

1893c – Between the putty layers is what is believed to be a cement vault. The walls of the vault are seven inches thick. Inside the vault the drill first strikes wood, and then a void, before hitting an unknown substance. After this the drill hits a layer of soft metal, and then a layer of metal pieces, before hitting another layer of soft metal. It’s rumoured that Geraldo Rivera’s dignity may be buried in the vault.

1893d – When the drill is brought back to the surface, it is noticed that a piece of parchment is attached to it with the letters ‘vi’ or ‘ui’ or ‘wi’ on it.

1893e – Excited by this find the Oak Island Treasure Company begins to sink a series of holes in an attempt to reach the chamber. All of the new pits eventually flood and the treasure remains out of reach.

1899 – A second flood tunnel is discovered, the entrance is located in the South Shore Cove.  This is believed to be the source of the flooding.

1909 – Franklin D. Roosevelt, interested in the treasure, becomes part of a team to set tackle the problem. Through test drilling, a cement like material is discovered at one-hundred and fifty feet. A sample submitted to Columbia University is reported to be man made. Much celebration occurs.

1936 – Old timbers, joined using wooden pins, are discovered in Smith’s Cove. They are thought to be very old, possibly placed there by those who buried the treasure.

1959 – Bob Restall and his family work on the site. A rock with ‘1704’ is discovered on the island. Could this be the date that the treasure was originally buried? Some researchers think so. Other’s believe it is the first example of ‘7eet’ speak known to man.

*Some believe the stone is a prank left by previous diggers*

1965 – While excavating Bob Restall is overcome by fumes from a generator, and falls into the water that is flooding the shaft. His son and two other workers try to save him, but are also overcome with carbon monoxide, and pass out. All four drown.

1965a – Bob Dunfield brings heavy machinery onto the island. He attempts to block the inflow of water from Smith’s Cove. It is determined that at one-hundred and forty feet there is a two foot layer of limestone. Beneath this is a forty foot void, at the bottom of which is a layer of bedrock. The dreams of previous treasure hunters are found floating in the void.

1967 – A pair of wrought-iron scissors are found, buried below the drains at Smith’s Cove. It is determined that they are of Spanish-American origin, probably made in Mexico, and are around three-hundred years old. A heart shaped stone is also found.

1970 – Triton Alliance builds a new cofferdam at the cove. During construction they discover the original builder’s cofferdam. There are roman numerals carved into the wooden logs. The wood is carbon dated to 250 years ago.

1976 – A camera is lowered down a borehole, and into what is thought to be an artificial cavity. Images of a severed hand, body, and wooden chests are claimed to be seen in the video. Some people believe the middle finger of the severed hand is slightly raised.

*Many skeptics claim that no such things can be seen in the video and it’s too murky to identify anything*

The story of Oak Island.

Mysteries of Canada.

Critical Enquiry.

Part 1 can be found here:

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